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One of the best decisions Lejoe and I made for our wedding was hiring Liz. Lejoe and I had less than a year to plan a wedding. Since I used to be a wedding coordinator myself, I thought surely we wouldn’t need a wedding planner. Boy was a I WRONG!

While trying to plan for our wedding, there were so many questions and dilemmas that Lejoe and I just couldn’t deal with ourselves. Finally,with one month until our wedding, we hired Liz. She was FABULOUS! Anytime we had a question, concern, or random idea, she was just a phone call away. During the final month, she attended every single final meeting with us and made sure everything was set to be perfect. She asked questions that I didn’t even think to ask. She was so on top of our wedding that in the end I was asking her what I had confirmed months ago. She even called my makeup artists and hairstylists at 6 AM to make sure they were awake and on their way to my house. She arrived at our wedding venue in the wee hours of morning to make sure the set up was correct. When little things went wrong on the wedding day, she quickly diffused the situations and handled it professionally. My husband Lejoe and I actually ate and drank our signature drinks on our wedding day—something that almost everyone tells me they never got to do on their wedding day! (Actually Liz even brought Lejoe seconds….my husband loves to eat.)

I cannot say this enough: even if you think you know what your doing when it comes to wedding planning, you need a planner like Liz. If you want to enjoy your wedding day, be stress free, and everything to run smoothly and professionally, hire Liz! She is so attentive, reliable, down to earth, and organized. She truly believes every client should experience the best day of their lives with their wedding and you can see this in her work.

Lejoe and I were fortunate enough to have an amazing wedding planner. We received so many compliments on our wedding, especially on how organized it was. We have Liz to thank for that. Liz, thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, our wedding day was a dream come true!

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