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We are very happy with the service we received from Liz. She was always there to make sure we were on track right from the start of our wedding planning till the end of our big day. She was very prompt with her responses, both via text/email. Moreover, she is very professional, extremely friendly and fun to work with. We are glad we chose her as our wedding planner.

Jerry and I hired Liz as our “day of coordinator” a month after the proposal and was one of the best decisions we had made! Liz was able to give us tips on how we should proceed with vendors, what questions we should ask and the little detailed questions we would have forgotten to ask otherwise. Despite us having chosen the day of package, she helped us along the way when we had questions and not to mention, that a month in advance she started to ensure that we had “dotted all our i’s and cross all our t’s”. It is so obvious that Liz is very experienced and She was there for us for us for all our final meetings with our vendors and helped to make sure that all the things we had envisioned (so many little details- like shooters under the table, “take a shot take a seat”, and our floor sparklers) were accommodated and executed well! She made sure we were always getting the best deal for our buck, and gave us honest opinions when we asked for them. She was there for us at the church even when the church had their own coordinator to ensure even that went well! As a perfectionist, when people would say don’t worry about the little things because you’ll probably be the only one who noticed- I stressed about every little thing anyways. It’s rare and a blessing- but I really can’t say anything went wrong that day- it really was a dream come true! I can confidently say that things must have went as well as they did because we had Liz behind the scenes doing all our communicating and ensuring our timeline was executed just the way we wanted it. Hire Liz for all your future events <3

Our wedding was 3 months ago and people are still raving about how perfectly everything went off! We can’t thank Liz enough for all that she did to make that day so smooth and stress-free for us. We, along with our families, were able to relax and truly enjoy the day. Although we are family friends, Liz maintained a level of professionalism that we were very impressed with. She always went above and beyond to make sure that Mark and I were staying on track with our wedding planning and always encouraged texts/calls/emails if we had any questions. On the wedding day, Liz was by our side to make sure that we were taken care of. She made sure we had fun and that we got the chance to eat something, as well! One particular moment that really impressed me was when Mark and I were taking pictures inside the hall during cocktail hour. Mark had asked for some water and one of the photographers had grabbed a glass from the table where all of our priests were to be seated. We, of course, paid no attention to this. However, as soon as Liz entered the hall, she noticed the missing glass and had it immediately replaced with a new one. Her attention to detail is incredible! We can’t say enough to truly express how grateful we are to Liz for all that she did in helping us prepare for the big day! Everything was absolutely perfect. :)

My husband, family & I all loved working with Liz. We got the month of package with Liz and She helped us out in so many ways and was such a great person to work with. She is very approachable and went over and beyond for us. She was especially was so helpful in reminding us about things we needed to have for the wedding and also in speaking to the vendors and did such a great job. She was especially so helpful in keeping everything in order on the wedding day which was awesome since that day can get pretty hectic. Overall, i highly recommend her and we all thought that it was such a great decision that we had her as our wedding planner.

We are so thankful to Liz for all of the help planning our wedding and helping to make it one of the best days of our lives! We were able to thoroughly enjoy the day knowing Liz was there to organize and handle anything that happened! Without her, there would have been so many details that we could not have anticipated or planned for. She gave us the best advice at each step, and got us in touch with great vendors. We are so thankful that we got her on board and know that she is one of the main reasons why our wedding turned out to be such a success! Thank you Liz!!

We began working alongside Liz right from the start. I had seen prior weddings she helped with from my friends at church and they too had nothing but nice things to say about her. We were able to get to know Liz for a years time. She is very professional yet personable and very easy to get along with. It was honestly very refreshing to have a peppy and positive energy around us when we planned. I could comfortably call or text her any time of day as if she was a good friend of years. I don’t consider myself a type a bride or a bridezilla but rather a really lazy bride which is why I am SO happy Liz kept us in line and on our toes since day one. The type a in me didn’t surface towards the last two weeks before our wedding and thankfully at that point we were all set and really just taking care of little details. Liz had us set and taken care of. I really appreciated her willingness to provide us information and quotes from different vendors we were interested in. She came to all our meetings and even worked us some awesome deals as well. On the day of it was a relief knowing someone was working the scene in the background so our family and friends could relax and enjoy the day. We really can’t say enough because our day was perfect. Everything ran on on time and beautifully. Liz is now a dear friend to us and someone we are happy to have friended a year ago. I highly recommend Liz to any of my friends who are engaged or about to begin planning their dream wedding day. She’s your girl.

We want to thank Liz for making our wedding such a memorable day for us! Liz had been our planner for over a year. She made the year of planning much easier for us, making sure to keep us on track all along the way. She is very organized, professional, and friendly. She has a great relationship with many vendors, and helped us select the best ones that fit our budget. We weren’t stressed as the wedding day drew closer, because Liz had helped us finalize everything in advance. Liz knows all the little details about weddings, so everything is accounted for beforehand. On the wedding day, she made sure vendors showed up on time and that our wedding ran on schedule. We are so thankful that we had her and would highly recommend Liz to anyone!

Geetha & Tony - Testimonials

We were planning our wedding for almost a year. We got Liz as our ‘day-of-planner,’ but let me tell you, she was much more than that!!
From day one she was always a phone call/text away if we ever had questions. As we are new to all this, she was always on top of things, and always making sure we got certain things done in time. She knew what we wanted, and gave us her recommendations and made sure our day was perfect. About a month before the wedding, Liz came in full force =). She always met with us at our favorite Starbucks, went over the timeline with us (and helped us with any corrections/clarifications, and trust me we had so many questions haha), made sure our appointments with all our vendors were set, and of course came with us for all our final meetings! We even got a few hook-ups because of her too! =)
You are awesome! The day couldn’t have been more perfect. She made sure everything went smooth and on time! And let me tell you, A LOT of people (Family/friends/coworkers) told me days after the wedding about how organized the wedding ceremony and reception was. Everything was on time, and everyone had a blast! All our vendors enjoyed working with her and it made everything all the better. We definitely recommend her to anyone who is planning to get married. Trust me, on this special day you want everything to go well, and Liz will make sure that happens! We wish we could re-live that day, it was that perfect! =) Thanks Liz! #Kevisty2016 #KCinLove

Christina & Kevin - Testimonials

Our wedding was in September 2015, but a year later I have guests that are still marveling at how smoothly and organized the wedding was run. As our Day of Coordinator, Liz rose to the challenge of bringing our vision of our dream wedding to life. We had a traditional Catholic ceremony and a reception with a blend of Mexican and Salvadorian traditions. Both the ceremony and reception were entirely in Spanish. Despite the difference in cultures and languages, she brought so much to the table as far as helping us not only create our timeline of events, but most importantly spotting areas that needed to be modified in order for the day to run smoothly. Her experience as a wedding coordinator was an invaluable asset during our last few months leading up to the wedding. She guided us with suggestions for everything including bar packages, best places to print a seating chart, and even items we could save on by borrowing from our venue as opposed to buying them ourselves.

One thing that stood out to me was how responsive and attentive she was. Anytime I had a quick question to email or text her, she always offered a response the same day. It is something I really appreciated. She attended all of our final meetings with us, and really helped make the months and days leading up to the wedding go smoothly. Wedding day went amazing! She followed the timeline we created down to every detail. My husband and I were able to relax and completely enjoy our special day. Thank you for all you did for us Liz!

Jessica & Carlos - Testimonials

Wedding planning can be difficult for any couple but the best decision we made was to hire Cherished Events by Liz. Since I was an out-of-state bride unfamiliar with locations and vendors in the area, we decided to book Liz for the “just do it” service. Liz was both professional and friendly and was there for us every step of the way. We received many compliments from guests and family about how well everything went and we know we could not have done it without Liz.Liz helped us decide on packages from different locations. She also reached out to vendors and negotiated on our behalf to get us competitive pricing. She has good working relationships with most vendors in the Houston area and knows exactly what to ask for. She even requested things we did not think of ourselves.When our banquet coordinator moved to another position the month before our wedding, we were extremely worried. The replacement coordinator seemed unexperienced and unfamiliar with everything we had already decided on. For an event as important and costly as a wedding, making sure things are according to contract is crucial. Liz took the time to go through our banquet event order in detail, requested revisions until it was perfect and reached out to both the banquet coordinator and the hotel catering staff to make sure everything would go as planned.For brides who already have their vendors and question whether or not a wedding planner is necessary for the day-of, please do yourself a favor and hire Cherished Events By Liz. With a large guest count, multiple vendors, numerous family members and everything that is bound to go wrong – you will need someone there to make sure that things go as smooth as possible. Thanks to Liz, we were actually able to enjoy one of the best days of our lives and that is something you cannot put a price tag on.

Mahima & Sunil - Testimonials

Liz is so amazing! By far the best decision we made was to hire her to help with our very complex wedding (American/Indian fusion). She always nothing but open to and helpful with all the requests we had, especially the last minute ones! She took lead on dealing with vendors that were giving difficulties, and we are convinced that we are only aware of < 5% of the issues that occurred during our week because she took care of them and never let on unless it was absolutely necessary for us to know. She ensured we always stayed on schedule and made it a point to make sure we ate (had plates ready for us, and would come get us and bring us to the table if needed). No matter what was going on, we never had to wait more than a few minutes to hear a reply back to our texts or calls. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend you chose her for your upcoming wedding!!

Monika & Tom - Testimonials

Liz was our absolute favorite wedding vendor! She really treats you with respect and always makes time to answer all of your questions. She always answered texts and emails very promptly and never left us feeling ignored. She has a great relationship with all of the vendors in Houston and was able to communicate with them very effectively! She helped us think of everything we needed to ask and clarify and always kept us organized and on track! My husband and I live out of town and Liz was more than willing to have phone and skype meetings with us. She was great at communicating and clarifying details with us and our vendors! On the day of the wedding, Liz made sure everyone was where they needed to be and we were even running ahead of schedule! My only regret, is that I didn’t hire Liz earlier in my wedding planning process!

Liz & Tommie - Testimonials
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